Reed Diffusers

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We love our new  range of natural soy candles and now they are available to in the fashionable reed diffusers

Your diffuser will come with 10 black reeds that go directly into your bottle, make sure to turn your reeds one to two times a month to get a long lasting fragrance.


250ml amber bottle with  10x black reeds


Choose From


Gin & Tonic- Fresh and Crisp for any time of day- served with a twist of lime, grapefruit, juniper berry and cucumber.

4017 Queensland- Coastal and floral with a fresh light note inspired by the coastal 4017 post code a great gift idea.

Beachside- Where the water breaks for that need of relaxation- citrus with sun warmed teakwood, beach blossom and driftwood. A sea breeze of bergamot, peach, pineapple and rose water.

Sunday Brunch- A fresh blend of florals mixed with the clear sea – fresh picked lily of the valley and magnolia with amber coconut and musk with fruits of apple and tropical melon.

Light a Candle & relax -Blended and created for one of those days!!!- invigorating and strengthening where there is weakness and exhaustion- clary sage aniseed lemongrass bergamot peppermint and grapefruit, for that much needed pick me up.

French Pear- Originating in France the fragrance is rich juicy and smooth. An amazing pear fragrance- cinnamon, coconut, and vanilla- our top seller.

Amalfi Coast- A bold fragrance with a hint of the 90's with its cool water reflections one of our favorites.

Champagne and Strawberries- Sweet and full of sparkling crisp Champagne very popular for that special gift

Chanel N05- So true to the famous fragrance you will become one of our Chanel Candle lovers.

Lemongrass and Persian Lime-Very fresh and super zesty with fresh picked lime and super fresh Lemongrass

Five O'clock- A perfect after 5 o’clock inspiration fresh marine notes from the ocean blended with a breeze of citrus coconut cream, melon and dragon fruit, vanilla and sandalwood.